When setting up my test suite for Heroes Of Deep Space, I was tempted to use the previously helpful node-jasmine module.

I'm (at the time of writing) using Jasmine 2.4.1, and with this version I was able to get a gulp test task running without node-jasmine at all. There's even a section in the Jasmine docs for v2.4 on how to configure Jasmine for node.js environments.

Here's the task that I ended up writing:

var Jasmine = require('jasmine');
var gulp = require('gulp');

gulp.task('test', function() {
    var jasmine = new Jasmine();
      "spec_dir": "./tests/app",
      "spec_files": [
      "helpers": [
      "stopSpecOnExpectationFailure": false,
      "random": false

This is working perfectly for testing my server-side code, and I'm happy that I ended up depending on one less package.